Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Jenny Buchanan


My artwork aims to capture the moments in life that make people happy, whether it be a favourite holiday destination, person, place, regular weekend activity or any combination of these.  My goal is to provide enjoyment and entertainment to the viewer, so they will treasure their piece for many years to come.  My hope is that owners of my artwork will gain as much pleasure from owning it as I have in creating it.

Up until this point, my art creations have been predominantly realistic, which I believe is a reflection of my personality.  My perfectionist nature means that I spend a great deal of time on each piece and am therefore not prolific.  It is for this reason that acrylic is my preferred medium, as it allows me to rework the painting as many times as I need to, with minimal drying time.  The versatility, toughness and colourfast qualities of acrylic paint means they are well suited to different framing methods and also present well on unframed, stretched canvas.

The colours of nature have always been an inspiration for me as their vibrancy and diversity never cease to amaze me.  The ocean is a theme common in much of my work, as it has been in much of my life, therefore rich blues and greens tend to dominate.  I find these colours to be very soothing.

In recent times I have been creating mosaics in ceramic tiles, with some success, which has led me to into a more naïve style of work.  This simpler style is now becoming apparent in my paintings.  I am also trying to inject a touch of humour into my pieces as I believe art should be fun, above all else, and should be able to be enjoyed by everyone.

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