The end of the road




End of the Road_edited-1


This is a real oldie but two things brought it to mind this week so I thought I would share.  I have been thinking about doing some realist seascapes again and also about returning to Hawaii for a visit.

I am currently taking a break from making mosaics and selling at the markets so I can focus on doing a few paintings purely for my own pleasure.  I had been poring through all my photos, trying to decide where to start and was drawn to the many shots I have of Hawaii.  Looking at them made me start to miss the places I have visited there and the beach in this painting is one of my favorites.

Polihale is the furthest point you can reach on the West side of Kauai and the only access is by dirt road.  The spectacular mountains you can see from the beach are at the southern end of the Na Pali Coast.  Polihale Beach can be pretty wild at times but when it is calm, as it was on this day, it is an amazing swimming spot.

Funnily enough, Jeff must have been thinking along the same lines as he suggested we plan a trip back to Kauai soon.  I am wondering if we went back to this beach and I did an updated version of this painting would it show me how far my painting has progressed in 18 years?

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