I’ve been having a bit of a mental block lately when it comes to writing blog posts, so in the interest of getting something out there, I’ve decided to talk a bit about this painting which I did a number of years ago.

Tokyo 51cmx77cm on canvas


Quite a bit different from my usual style, I was reminded of this painting while showing my portfolio to students in the class I am currently teaching at Robina.

It represents my view of Tokyo, as seen from the Tokyo Tower. (BTW there is a stall out the front of Tokyo Tower that sells the best Japanese crepes I have ever had)

The photos I took from the top of the tower revealed a sea of grey/brown buildings as far as the eye could see.  Upon looking closer, I could just make out Mount Fuji in the background, towering majestically over the city.

Something wasn’t quite right with the scene, though.  My impression of Tokyo was a vibrant, colorful place yet my photo looked almost monochrome.  So I decided to represent the city in colorist form, using only the diminishing size of the buildings to show aerial perspective rather than tone.  Mount Fuji is still seen as a faint, monochrome image in the background, its serenity seen in juxtaposition with the bustling, vibrant city.

It was one of those times when I just had the urge to try something different with no idea whether it was going to work or not.  When it was finished I still had no idea if it was any good so I decided to exhibit it in an art competition, I think it was the Moreton Bay Art Prize.  Anyway, it made the final cut, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.  I also sold it not long after that.    Just occasionally it pays to just trust your instincts, give it a go and see what happens.

To this day it is still the only painting I have ever done in this style.



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