The Basin

The Basin1

In Perth, the place to go for a weekend getaway is Rottnest Island.  One of the most popular swimming spots on the island is The Basin.

The brilliant colour of the water contrasted with the surrounding rocks and bushland make it a very popular subject for Western Australian artists but it is more than just that to me.

This image brings back childhood memories of the holidays we spent on the island when my dad was in the army.   I remember riding on the handlebars of mum’s bike because I was too small to ride by myself (no child seats in those days).  The flies were so bad we had to wear nets over our faces and there were plenty of snakes but it still felt like paradise.  Kids were able to roam the island safely without adult supervision, which we did.  Feeding quokkas and collecting peacock feathers were two of my favourite things to do.

It was great to take my own children back there and let them experience the unique lifestyle that Rotto has to offer.




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