Diving Lessons

Diving Lessons

I was inspired to create underwater paintings by the work of marine artists such as Wyland, Lassen and Joanne Hook.  As my painting skills began to improve my pieces got larger and larger until this one, which I think was about 90cm x 60cm.

The inspiration for this painting came from a whale encounter I had near our home in Ocean Reef, Western Australia.  Looking out the bedroom window one day and I saw a whale which appeared to be stuck on the reef about 200 metres offshore.  It was in the middle of the day and nobody else was around so I grabbed the dog and walked down there to get a better look.  I’m still not sure whether it had been stuck or not but as I approached it did three breaches, one after the other, then took off.  It was an awesome sight but unfortunately there was nobody else there to see it.  In our house, we call that a “panda moment”.

The painting went to a good home.  It was purchased by a neighbour of ours who bought all the paintings I had in left in stock when we were moving to the east coast.

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