Want to make your own mosaic?

Millie's room

My first grandchild, Amelia Jennifer McGrath, was born 0n 29th November 2012.  Millie and her parents live in a different state so it was a bonus for me when, three weeks after she was born, they came to stay with us for two weeks.

I wanted to make a gift for Millie that she could keep as a reminder of her Nanny and Poppy, so I came up with the idea of this name plaque.

I cut a small piece of marine ply, sealed and primed it twice then layed out the design. The little ceramic letters combined with a single animal design made it a fairly simple job to do which gave me the idea to maybe sell do-it-yourself mosaic design and instruction kits for people who would like to have a go at creating their own mosaic.

If anyone would be interested in this kind of thing or has some design suggestions, just email me or leave a comment below and I will start working on it.

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