Looking inside the square

Thomsons Bay

Thomsons Bay

It can be a challenge finding a secluded beach when you are on Perth’s Rottnest Island in summer but this spot at the southern end of Thomsons Bay is often deserted.

There are no cottages down this end of the beach but just over the sandhills are the old army barracks where we used to stay when I was a kid.  A short walk through the snake-infested sandhills and you more or less had your own private beach.

I wanted to paint Thomsons Bay from this perspective to try and present a view of Rottnest that was different from the hundreds of other paintings on offer.  The original painting was of the view looking north, encompassing the whole bay.  It was okay but wasn’t really doing it for me.  Some time after it was finished I decided it looked better as a snapshot of the bay so I cropped it and just kept the first third.  Now I really like it.

Sometimes it pays to look outside the square, or inside the square as the case may be.

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