Sail Away to Greece with this One

Greek key door with yacht

This wall hanging was a custom design made to order for a customer in Perth.  Her request was for something incorporating a Greek key pattern and the bright blue doorways you might see in Greece.

The piece was in danger of looking disjointed because the blue of the glass tiles in the border was impossible to match with the ceramic blue of the doors.  I decided the best course of action was to include some of the border tiles in the central design in order to tie the whole piece together.   The ocean in the background is made up of the same glass tiles used on the border.  Not only did they give the piece more depth, they also made cute little waves and the white grout looks like whitecaps on the water.  The small white border tiles were used in the door surround which gives the appearance of a tiled door frame.

My favourite part of this piece is the way the steps lead your eye right into the doorway and out beyond to the ocean.  I also like the way the textured white tiles of the wall which makes it look like the rough concrete walls you might see in the Mediterranean.

My customer couldn’t decide between this design and another one of a doorway with pots to either side so she ended up buying both.

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