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My business is called Jenzart because it is all me.  The creation of artworks, marketing and selling, packing and sending, this website, social media accounts and even the bookkeeping is done by me and me alone.  I prefer if this way because I want to ensure that every part of the process is performed to the high standard that I would demand as a consumer.

Jenzart Creations encompasses all the art forms I love to work with but because of recent growth I have decided to sell my paintings under a different name, “Blue Beach House Art”.

My blue beach house is located in  the small coastal village of Cabarita Beach in Northern New South Wales where I work from my home studio.

The beach has always been a big part of my life.  I guess being married to a surfer for 25 years is partly the reason for that.   So I guess it’s only natural that  the ocean and it’s surrounds have  become a great source of inspiration for me.

My artistic journey began over 20 years ago, in Perth,  when I first took up painting as a hobby.  I used to take a lot of photos of all the different places we visited but I was never quite able to capture the depth and color of nature’s beauty.  That’s when I knew that I needed to paint.

Soon I began to appreciate other forms of visual art.  In 2007, after admiring an amazing mosaic mural on the front wall of a beach house in Perth, my husband commented “you could do that” and so I went about learning to mosaic.

Nowadays I am a little torn between the need to paint or mosaic but I am happy to go forward doing both as I love the variety of working in different mediums and art forms.







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