Burleigh Beachfront Mural

Weightman Mural

The inspiration for this mosaic mural of Burleigh Beachfront on the Gold Coast came long before the piece was ever started.

My husband and I had long admired a mosaic mural on the front wall of a beachfront house in Perth.  He once said to me “you could do something like that” and so I began to learn the art of mosaics.  After practising my craft by dabbling in some smaller pieces, I came up with this mural which, to me, represents everything that is typically Burleigh.

I sold the first version of this mural to Gold Coast City Council when we left Burleigh to live in Hawaii.  It now hangs as a public artwork on the Burleigh Beachfront which pleases me greatly as it means I can continue to enjoy looking at it whenever I want.

One bloke liked it so much he commissioned me to produce another one exactly the same to hang in his beachfront apartment.  That is the version you see in this photo.  I think it was slightly better than the original.


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