Can’t Wait for This One


Just finished this today; the first piece of my biggest project yet.

This mosaic will be made up of six pieces measuring 60cm x 60cm each making the whole project 1.8m x 1.2m.  It will then be laid as a floor mural at our new home, just outside the front door.

The last mural I did was made up of four individual scenes, joined together to make one big beachfront scene.  This one differs in that each piece is only a snippet of the complete picture which will not become apparent until all the pieces are in place.  This creates a lot more uncertainty as to how the finished product will look.

After completing the first piece I am feeling pretty confident that the finished piece will turn out the just the way I envisioned it.  No prizes for guessing that it will be a wave pattern.  I am loving the way you can already see it starting to curl at the top.  If you are having trouble seeing what I mean, try squinting your eyes and looking at it again.

Now I just need to make sure I make the right choice with grout colour.  That decision could make or break the entire piece.

I cannot wait to see how the rest of it turns out.

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