#Currumbin Rocks

I was looking back over my most recent posts and I noticed that lately they are have been all about the mosaics, so today I thought I would write about one of my paintings, Currumbin Rocks.

Currumbin Rocks No

This piece was done as a custom work for clients who live in Currumbin, Queensland and who also happen to be good friends of ours.  From memory, I think the original painting measured 1.5 metres by 1.0 metre and it pretty much fills up their stairwell wall.

Of course, my friends had seen all my realistic work before but when I started on my “Fun and Funky” collection they loved the new style so much they decided to have one commissioned for their beachside home.

The “Fun” part for me was including some characters in the painting which resembled the family in whose home the painting would hang.  In case you were wondering, my friend  was not represented by the  topless woman in the water but rather by the hot young thing sitting on the beach with her little girl.  (artistic licence is awesome)

The other thing that blows me away about this painting is that my customers were so happy with their purchase. Not only did they email me the day after it was hung to tell me how much they loved it, they also emailed me again about two months later just to tell me that they still loved it just as much as ever – priceless!

In fact, I love this painting so much I have since used it for my prints and t-shirt designs.

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