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The Point

The Point

My painting style has traditionally been of a realist nature which I think reflects my personality and, in particular, my perfectionist nature.  So far, this has worked quite well for me.  I have won several awards and sold pretty much all of my paintings.  My realist works have been accepted by every exhibition and gallery to which I have applied.

However, when visiting galleries I often found myself being drawn to art which is done in a more surreal or humorous style.  So it made sense to me that I should try and create something along those lines.  After all, art is meant to be fun, right?  Well I think it is anyway.

The above painting was the first created in what I call my “Fun and Funky” style.  I call it that because I don’t really know which genre it fits into.  Being a self-taught artist my style is more intuitive than anything else.

I’ve had lots of great feedback on this painting and it have since been commissioned to paint a rather large work in this style.  However, when I came to enter a couple of these type of paintings into local art competitions I was taken aback when, on two occasions, they did not make the final cut.  I was then left to wonder why.

Am I way off base with these?  Are they not good?  Did I lose my touch?   Maybe so, maybe not.  Either way it doesn’t matter.  I will continue to paint them as long as I continue to enjoy painting them.  Although rejected by the so-called experts,these paintings have proven themselves to be popular with everyday people.  However, any type of rejection can play havoc with an artist’s insecurities as art is such a personal and emotional business.

Sometimes it’s tempting to revert to a style that I know will please the art judges but at what price. Exhibitions are already full of beach scenes and vases of flowers. How can anyone make their mark in the world by creating more of the same. Again and again I have heard that success comes to those who dare to be different.

But hang on, maybe it’s the art judge or gallery curator who is afraid to embrace something a bit different.  Maybe they are afraid of being judged as less than expert in their opinion.   In my opinion, the best qualified art critics are the buying public, after all they are the ones putting their money where their mouth is.

Luckily, the art gallery or art competition can no longer wield as much power over artists.  The art seller has many more options nowadays to try and market their art.  You can now sell work online without even having to leave home.  With just a little effort, you can market direct to customers and pay little or no commission which is a bonus to both artists and the art buyer.  It’s still possible for people to see a painting “in the flesh” before they buy if they live locally and I always offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

So I guess there’s nothing left to do but keep on trying and hope all those old cliches are true – if at first you don’t succeed …  when one door shuts…  etc, etc, .  Besides, what else would I do if not create art.

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  1. jeff on February 14, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Being an everyday person, I find these paintings extremely therapeutic and relaxing to view. They capture the lifestyle and feel of the coast and surf and all it has to offer.i have a couple hanging at my house and they are the best!

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