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Anyone who has ever been to Perth will probably know Cicerello’s,   famous for it’s fish and chips.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t eat fish and chips but I still used to love going there for long lunches on sunny winter Sundays.

This painting was quite an exercise in perspective and technical drawing.  The wind on the water also presented a challenge but of course a painting of Fremantle would not be complete without the Freo Doctor.  The people sitting at the tables were fun to paint because with every little flick of the paintbrush they took on a new personality.  Often when I paint people in this fashion they begin to resemble people I know or even famous people.  Alan Bond once showed himself in a painting I did of Hillarys.

Needless to say, this one took a very long time to complete but worth the effort, I think.  In 2001 I used the image as promotional material for a group exhibition I participated in at Accent Gallery, Subiaco.  The other artists in that exhibition were Janey Emery, Arturo Cruz, Gary Leathendale and Paul Winzar.  I think Cicerello’s was one of the first paintings to sell in that exhibition.

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