How Pouring Paint Helped Me Lose Control

Abstract backwash Abstract moorish idols Abstract hibiscus Abstract fire and ice

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I used to believe that I would never be capable of creating abstract works of art.  That all changed when I recently discovered the paint pouring technique.

Anyone who is familiar with my artwork will know that my style is very controlled.  While I am proud of my traditional artworks, I have never really believed myself to be much of a creative, merely a painter with good powers of observation.

When I pour paint onto the canvas, rather than using a brush, the control is taken out of my hands and the paint pretty much does whatever it wants.  Next thing you know, I have created an abstract.

Of course there is some planning involved. Firstly, I start with an idea, then choose a color palette and finally pour the paint.  The finished painting very rarely ends up resembling my original idea.  Usually, after the canvas is covered and I spend some time getting familiar with it, the subject reveals itself to me.  Funnily enough I often find the finished artwork looks better when turned upside down.

Now I am feeling like a true creative and, best of all, paint pouring is really good fun.


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