It’s All About Him This Week

Recently, a customer requested a mosaic plaque for his wife with the words “Gran’s Garden” on it.  He wanted to buy it for her because his kids had recently bought him a similar item  with “Pop’s Shed” written on it.  It got me thinking that there are probably a lot of families visiting their Grans and Pops in this area who might like to buy them a similar gift.

So this week, in view of the fact it is Father’s Day on Sunday, I decided to focus on small plaques for dad.  I managed to churn out half a dozen, all in a similar vane.  The first two you will see below and the rest will be uploaded next week after they have been photographed.

Pops shed on wall dads mancave on wall

I’ll be showcasing these, along with some new t-shirt designs at Pottsville Beach Markets this Sunday.  Wish me luck.

Next week I’ll be working on some new freeform mosaics.  My new Rainbow Lorikeet design is shaping up to be a crowd-pleaser.

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