Making Mosaics Come Alive


The pattern on a turtle’s back makes it an ideal subject for a mosaic.  Although the pieces look fairly random, they are actually laid in a careful pattern so as to create a highlight on the top of his shell which will give the image some form.  I think I have achieved this to a certain degree.

Giving depth to a mosaic is one of the most challenging aspects of the craft.  See how the turtle appears to be floating above the sea floor.  I try to apply the same basic techniques in mosaics that I use in my paintings to make objects appear 3D.  It just needs to be in a simpler form.  Think back to painting an apple in art class school, it’s all about light and shade.

As this was one of my earliest pieces all this may not be terribly obvious but it becomes more apparent in some of my later works such as  the Greek Key Design plaques and the Burleigh Beach Mural.

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