My Customers Are My Inspiration

A lot of people seem to like to name their home, beach house or even their caravan and many times I get special requests for shell plaques with all sorts of weird and wonderful names.

Even if these house names are ones that I have never heard before it’s amazing how popular they are with other customers.  For example, a lady asked me to make a plaque called “Duck Inn” as they  lived in an area where the local ducks would visit them every day for a feed.  While she was collecting her order from me at the markets, another lady happened to see it and asked if I could make one exactly the same for her.  She didn’t have any ducks at her place but liked the name just the same.

Another name that has proved to be popular is “Kia Orana”.  I was informed by my customer that this is a traditional greeting in the Cook Islands (similar in meaning to the Hawaiian “Aloha”).   Sure enough, while I was waiting for the plaque to be collected, another lady came along who recognized the greeting and decided that she would like one too.

These are just two examples of many, where I find that the same items tend to sell over and over again.  If one person buys a particular item then there is a very good chance that others will as well.  It is for this reason that I now look to my customers for inspiration when trying to find ideas for new designs.

PS029Duck Inn PL010Kia Orana

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