My Need for Speed

Shorebreak 2 43cmx55cm inc frame

This small painting was another one of my early studies in oil.  The idea with this one was to get it done, fast.  In fact, I limited myself to one  hour.

One of the problems I always face with my paintings is that I tend to overwork them.  Consequently, they take way longer than they should which puts them in danger of losing the spontaneous quality that makes a work of art great.  Spending too much time on on one painting also makes it extremely difficult to turn over enough work to make a decent living from selling original art.  By setting myself a time limit on smaller pieces, I learn not to agonize over every little detail which also helps to improve my larger, more detailed work.

As usual, there is plenty of colour in this piece with the gold sand  meant to represent the Gold Coast, along with the glimpse of pandanus.  The intense colours give the bright, sunny feel of a summer holiday on the coast.

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