Only one more piece left in the puzzle


Piece number five of my new mural is now complete and only just in time.  Our new house, where the mural will be situated, is due to be finished next week so I should just have time to finish gluing the last piece before we move house.  Unfortunately the grouting will have to wait until after the move.

I was anxious to see how the finished product is going to look so I decided to lay all the pieces together on the lounge room floor.  I am pretty happy with the progress so far and am hoping that I can pull it all together with the last piece.  Feeling pretty confident though.  Won’t be long before all is revealed.

Laying the tiles on this piece has been challenging, to say the least, mostly because I used tiles of different thicknesses  making it very difficult to get a level surface.  Many thanks to Tom, the tiler at my new house for his invaluable advice in this area.

Of course if I didn’t challenge myself I would never grow as an artist and I definitely feel my mosaicing skills have improved a lot by creating this piece.  Stand by to see the finished work.



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