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In 2009, the kids had all left home so we sold our house, packed up our things and moved to Hawaii.  It had always been a dream of ours to live on Kauai but for practical reasons we decided to settle on Oahu instead.

On the east coast of Oahu is a small town called Waimanolo.  This was one of my favourite beaches to swim at because the waves were not too big, nobody minds if you take the dog there and, most importantly, there are not too many tourists.

On one of our first visits to Waimanolo I spotted this little creek that runs into the ocean there and immediately envisioned a painting.  I took several photos and all of them would have made a lovely painting but I decided to settle for this one.  I just love the way the creek disappears into the rainforest and also the reflections of the foliage on the water.

Reflections can be difficult to paint, particularly as I was trying to also show the sandy bottom of the creek.  The trick is to turn the canvas upside down so as to make sure the reflection is an exact mirror image.  A few highlights in the foreground of the water then helps to show its transparency.

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