The Four Seasons of the Japanese Maple

I am spending Christmas in Japan this year for the first time.  While I have been to Japan many times before, this is the first time I have visited in the middle of winter.

While I am there, I often have a lot of time to fill while my husband is working so I am hoping to be able to spend time updating this blog. One of the other things I like to do while in Japan is wander around the gardens at the Naritasan temple.  I have taken many photos of the gardens in spring, summer and autumn and the same scene can look totally different at each visit, depending on the time of year.

There is one tree in particular, a Japanese Maple, which always catches my eye.  The first time I saw it was autumn, when it was a blaze of colour. It was one of those images that I knew I just had to paint, which usually makes for a great painting. This one, in fact, became a finalist in one of the Australian Artist Magazine’s art challenges.  The same tree takes on a very different feeling in spring when it is bursting with new life and in summer when it is soft and green.  These image would both also make worthy paintings and one day, hopefully, I will get around to it.

Autumn Trees

Now, I am sitting here, it’s about six degrees, and I can’t help thinking about that tree. If only we could get some snow I will be able to walk down to the temple, snap a picture of the tree and then I will have a complete set.

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