The Hardest Thing I do

My latest commission, a set of three paintings of Cabarita Beach, is coming along nicely, although there is still quite a way to go.  (Here’s a sneak peek)

Work in progress Beale Painting

When working on a project like this I tend to power ahead at the beginning when I am doing the background and the larger shapes.  As I get further into it and start working on the finer details, progress usually slows down dramatically.  That is about where I am at right now with this one.

When I get to this stage there is definitely a danger of overworking it as I try and get the detail just right.  If this happens the painting loses its “freshness” and I can never be 100% happy with the finished product.

For me, the most difficult thing to paint are reflections. In this case it is the chrome headlights of a Kombi Van.  It really should be easy, just a mirror of the surroundings, but for some reason it is really, really hard.

I have the greatest admiration for those artists who can paint shiny metal objects to perfection.  Hopefully one day I will master it too.  I’m not quite there yet but I think I am getting closer.  Meanwhile, I have to force myself to put the brush down and not overdo it.

What do you think?

Work in progress Beale Painting closeup-1




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