The Newest Member of the Family

I’ve spoken before about how emotionally attached I get to all my artworks.  That is why I have referred to this piece as “the newest member of the family”.

Lorikeet on wall

I’ve never really been that fond of the Rainbow Lorikeet, mostly because of their incessant squawking at dawn and dusk.  However, I wanted to create a mosaic of this bird not only because of their gorgeous colours but also because I have recently come to enjoy their presence.

Our new home was built on a block of land that has many well-established trees.  The upstairs windows and balcony are pretty much at eye level with the tops of the trees.  This means I am able to watch the many birds who visit  at close range.  I have to admit I was surprised by the variety of birds in our area and have even considered taking up bird-watching as a hobby.

Instead, I decided to start work on a new line of mosaics, Inspired by the amazing colours of the local birds.  Of course, the Rainbow Lorikeet was first on my list as they are so prolific in this area and so beautiful.   Next on my list is another colourful visitor, mostly yellows and blues, which is equally as beautiful but less common.  I will have to do some research on the species, but I suspect it may be an Eastern Rosella.

In the meantime, the Lorikeet hangs at my front door and will also be on display at Kingscliff Beach Markets this Saturday.

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