What do #WesternAustralia and #Hawaii Have in Common?

Makapu'u Blue

Two of my favourite places in the world both have the most amazing colour water that I have ever seen.  They are as different as chalk and cheese but both very special to me.  The first is Rottnest Island in Western Australia and the second is Makapu’u on the east coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

I would love to know what it is that makes the water so blue in these two places.  I used to think it was the white limestone reef that gave Rottnest water its incredible colour but at Makapu’u the reef is black basalt.  Both places are dry and barren and I thought that was where the similarity ends but now that I think about it, both places are in deep water and also exposed to prevailing winds.  Maybe these are the factors that give the water this unique colour.

Whatever the answer is, it is often the incredible colours of nature that inspire me to paint so I have done my best to try and capture this shade of blue both in one of my early paintings, Rottnest Blue, and also in this one, Makapu’u Blue.  They may not be exactly as awe-inspiring as the real thing but in my mind’s eye it is like I am there again.

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